Oh, What’s Occurring? – Dead Poets, Fiddles and Goods Giving


Summer has come and gone, but I’m still here so that’s all that should matter to you in this world when you think about it.

The last time I wrote, I was going on about how in the past I’ve had a hard time giving myself credit for trying. Well I must be completely cured, because I don’t even know what that feels like any more and am seriously struggling right now to identify with what I was even talking about. Crazy. So with that mess gone (for good I hope), some new things have come into my life.

William Shakespeare! Yeah, yeah, we studied him in school, but that doesn’t count. Sorry to offend you my former English teachers, but it doesn’t. Thanks for the exposure though. Well, actually I haven’t been reading it for a few months now… [insert Trying & Failing joke]. I just got busy. So I’m gonna try to get back into it asap. I borrowed my dad’s copy and this one has all the plays sorted in the order in which Shakespeare wrote them, to display his growth as a playwright and poet they say, so I’m starting with King Henry The Sixth. It was a real test of focus the first few scenes, but well worth it. So I’ve just gotta get back to reading a scene or two each evening and all will be grand. He’s not bad 😉

Something else I started is learning the viola, which has such a beautiful sound, and I’ve found very tricky! But I’m persevering and it’s paying off. ‘Why the viola and not the violin?’ you may be asking. Well I couldn’t get my hands on a violin at first, so I borrowed the viola from my dad (yes, I borrow a lot of things from my dad – perks of being the daughter of a musician!) and started there. A while later I got the violin too, but didn’t touch it until a couple of months ago, ’cause I didn’t want it to affect my progress on the viola. Don’t know whether I prefer the deeper, richer sound of the viola or the brightness and fineness of a violin… but a lot of the time the violin does NOT sound good in my hands. So I’ll have to spend a bit more time with it!

And then of course, I’m very happy to have new music out! Finally I got some goods to give you. Very happy, very proud of my effort to get everything done (see? I’m cured!), and really pleased with the result. Feedback’s been good, so thank you to everyone who’s listened to ‘TV’. It’s a little different, but I like different. If you liked it and want to support, download it at Bandcamp! Thanks!

I recently started using Instagram again, or trying to at least. I think I’ll try to use it a little like a diary, so give that a follow if you want to see a bit more of what I’m up to. If you want more dry humour and randomness — but still informative! — then my Twitter is where it’s at. And we keep things pretty tradish on Facebook, so always neat and tidy and together and the main details you need to know 😉

Maybe we’ll make these blog posts a consistent thing too, like once every few months? Sound good? And if you don’t get the name, it’s from Gavin & Stacey. Nessa, played by Ruth Jones, said it one or two times, and, you know — my name’s Ruth.

Feel free to comment below with any new things in your life, or things that you want to be in your life. Beginnings are peculiar old things, don’t you think….?

I hope that you are well, having a great day, and I’m sending you all my love and positive energy.

This message was brought to you by Eleanor VS.



  1. AS says:

    Nice one, – – – no it’s not – – – –
    it’s bloody great! Um’ Eleanor (I can’t quite get used to calling you that!)
    I’m still not sure who you are against as in ‘vs’, which is short for err against!
    So glad you are musicing again, (I know that’s not a word), it’s I guess a case of “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” carry on with ol’ Shakey you’ll come across that phrase from one of the other Kings!
    You know how old fashioned I am (if you don’t you’ll ascertain it from what follows).
    Is there a chance of a CD of TV or is a bigger project yet to surface?
    Well plug away at the Viola you’ll soon stop scaring all the cats away!
    Love AS!

    • eleanorvs says:

      Thank you! Yeah it’s still weird for me too, you’re not alone. Aw thanks, I’m glad to be making music again – for now, it’s just the single available to download. Hahaha! I’m doing alright on the viola actually, it’s the violin that’s doing the damage. Thanks for your comment!

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