“Nothing (Those Thoughts Are Gone)” OUT NOW

Siblings Eleanor VS. and Ellis Aaron present their new single “Nothing (Those Thoughts Are Gone)”.

The experimental track, inspired by trip-hop and electronica (and produced by Aaron), sees the artists bring soulful melodies to an anthem about leaving negative energy in the past.

“We wanted to do something different from what we’ve both previously done in our individual careers, with my released material up until this point having been softer and acoustic, and Ellis’ generally more soul- and R&B-orientated,” says Eleanor. “We sat down and wrote a song about letting go, moving on, and being free from miserable situations or relationships of any kind – anything that messes with your head. It’s a pretty emphatic ‘good-bye and good riddance’, but at the same time very chill.”

You can watch the music video below and download the single at Bandcamp.