New single “Hiatus” Out Now

Eleanor VS. releases new song “Hiatus”, the first single from her upcoming album.

This latest offering nonchalantly unveils an arrival at a hard truth – one of knowing when to let go. “I wrote this song out of exhaustion – of propping up, believing. Sometimes love is about letting go and acceptance, and often it’s not easy, but necessary.”

Featuring acoustic guitar and flute, the stripped-back production and intense yet muted arrangement warmly uphold a soft and sweet melody.

As well as English, Eleanor has released the Spanish equivalent “Pausa”, which is her first venture in the language. “I’ve wanted to release music in Spanish for a while now, and it’s a very passionate, expressive language, especially when sung. This song is very emotionally charged, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to translate it.”

“Hiatus” and “Pausa” are now available to download at Bandcamp.