How do you pronounce your name?

Eleanor VS (Eleanor Verses).

What’s the meaning behind your stage name?

Although anyone who knows or has ever met me calls me Vanessa, which is my middle name, I wanted a different and more artistic stage name. So I decided to use my first name, Eleanor, and the initials of my two middle names  ‘V’ and ‘S’, because I realised that it worked as a nice play on words of versus/verses.

Are you currently working on anything?

Yes. Always.

Why can’t I find your music on the usual digital outlets or streaming services?

I have no problem with the concept of streaming; I think it’s a great way for music listeners to consume the music that they like. However, its current model – with most platforms not paying artists what I personally would consider to be a sufficient amount in exchange for hosting and profiting off their music – does not appeal to me as an independent artist.

…Okay, I hear you. In that case, how can I support you and your music?

If you happen to like my music and feel compelled to show your appreciation, simply buy it. I know – it’s getting to be quite an outdated thing, people paying for things. But it’s pretty logical since we’re selling a product, and that product has taken a lot of time, effort and other resources to create. Another way that you can support us indie artists is to come and see us when we tour – we really want to see and connect with you!

What’s the best way to stay in touch with you?

I’ll always post updates, shows, new music – everything! – here on this website, since that’s kinda what it’s for, so the best place to find out everything, is right here.

As for social media, the one I love to use and am most active on is Twitter, but you can also follow me on Instagram and on my Facebook page.

If you would like to be alerted to when I’m coming to play near you, you can sign up at Songkick.com and “track” me.

For enquiries and booking, email is best: eleanorvs.music[at]outlook.com

Will you ever release music in Spanish?

I have recently – check out my new single “Pausa” (there’s an English version too called “Hiatus”).