Why was I born to grow
If I come equipped with what follows
Growth needs time and time is slow
And who has the patience

When I am seven years young
I have dreams of being someone, someone
And I can almost taste it with my tongue
‘Cause I don’t need patience
To make my own situations

So what happened to my brain
Imagination I only use 10 percent of my waking day
And I’m always running late
So I don’t even have the time to investigate
I’ll just put it down to change


You say, “Change is a beneficent activity”
Why does it seem such a crime to me
Why is it burying parts of me
I know it’s not preservation

‘Cause I just saw summer turn to fall
It happened in minutes
Life is the quintessential variable
Why does the earth juxtapose the heat and the cold
If we don’t like acclimatization

But I’ll try to excavate the good in change
I guess it’s not half bad watching loose leaves dance
When they used to just wave
Or a waddle of penguins as they migrate
And I can say, “Yesterday
“Keep your blue skies – I prefer grey anyway”
It doesn’t travel well in song
But I was being sarcastic
It’s a bad habit that I need to change

I need to change

Now as serendipity would have it
I’m out to eat at a restaurant
Aubergine and inventive greens for the vegetarian option
And I try to act as nonchalant as I can at this table for one
But then I overhear a conversation

This guy says to his girl
“I feel like whatever you say you desire to do
“I’m willing to switch up whatever I’m doing
“To help you get there
“And if it doesn’t work, we’ll try it again”
Man, that’s true dedication

Blood and understanding cascade
The beating muscle in my chest conducts a bittersweet pain
Loving and love are rude awakenings
Evolving to remain the same
When you don’t see them enough
They’re no longer ridiculous

And so I think it’s stupendous
That I was born to grow
And that Somebody said to mold and shape her
What’s the use in a stapler
If existence boils down to just one sheet of paper
I’d be an everlasting stranger
A silhouette, when I’m not finished yet
Superfluous with no purpose
No name
No pain, no story gained with no change

© Eleanor VS.

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