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Oh, ¿qué sucede? – Poetas muertos, violines y cumpliendo con lo prometido


El verano se ha llegado y se ha ido, pero yo sigo aquí, así que eso es lo único que te debería importar en este mundo, cuando lo piensas.

La última vez que os escribí, hablaba de cómo en el pasado me ha costado mucho reconocer mis esfuerzos. Pues, debo de estar totalmente curada ya que ni recuerdo cómo se siente eso, y la verdad es que ahora me cuesta mucho identificarme con lo que estaba explicando. Qué locura. Así que con ese desastre en el retrovisor (ojalá para siempre), hay algunas nuevas cosas en mi vida.

¡William Shakespeare! Sí, ya lo sé, lo estudiamos en el colegio, pero eso no cuenta. Siento ofender a mis ex profesores de inglés, pero no cuenta. Read more

Oh, What’s Occurring? – Dead Poets, Fiddles and Goods Giving


Summer has come and gone, but I’m still here so that’s all that should matter to you in this world when you think about it.

The last time I wrote, I was going on about how in the past I’ve had a hard time giving myself credit for trying. Well I must be completely cured, because I don’t even know what that feels like any more and am seriously struggling right now to identify with what I was even talking about. Crazy. So with that mess gone (for good I hope), some new things have come into my life.

William Shakespeare! Yeah, yeah, we studied him in school, but that doesn’t count. Sorry to offend you my former English teachers, but it doesn’t. Read more

Nuevo single ‘TV’ ya a la venta

Eleanor VS. está de vuelta con su nuevo single ‘TV’. Grabado a inicios de 2019, ‘TV’ es su primera canción desde el proyecto Passivity en 2014, y como algo diferente pero totalmente típico de Eleanor, no decepciona.

“Me alegra poder compartir mi nueva canción ‘TV’. Cuando era más joven, se suponía que mirar televisión sólo era malo para ti, pero, como el cine, ha venido a ser una forma de arte que respeto, así que esto es mi homenaje. ¡Por quedar con los ojos cuadrados!”

Descargar y escuchar ‘TV’ en Bandcamp.

New Single ‘TV’ Out Now

Eleanor VS. is back with her latest single ‘TV’. Recorded early in 2019, ‘TV’ marks her first release since her first project Passivity in 2014, and as something different, yet totally typical of Eleanor, it does not disappoint.

“I’m pleased to share with you my new song ‘TV’. When I was younger, watching television was meant to only be bad for you, but, like film, it’s come to be an art form that I admire, and so this is my tribute. Here’s to square eyes!”

Download and stream ‘TV’ at Bandcamp.

2019 Goals: Revisited

Just a quick follow-up on the goal that I shared with you at the start of the year. I said that I wanted to focus more on simply trying and more importantly, being proud of my efforts.

I can tell you that as soon as I made this conscious decision, I felt a huge weight lifted as I stopped calculating the results that my efforts would bring, in favour of realizing how great it was that I was even attempting certain things in the first place. A few weeks in, I struggled a little bit to remember this new way of thinking, which I’m not surprised at, seeing as I know how much of a workaholic I am and how critical I am of myself. But I’m persevering with it, and it’s really brought me more peace and contentment.

So as I continue with this, there are some things that have stood out to me. Things we mostly know to be true, or have heard before, but maybe don’t appreciate the value of. And besides, it generally doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of things that give us motivation and encouragement.

  1. It’s so important to surround yourself with positive influences. Whether that be the company you physically keep, the music you listen to, the books you read – or someone you know of who inspires you. Whatever it is that gives you a sense of purpose or the belief that you are on the right track. Keep those things around you, think about them often, because everybody faces obstacles and struggles, and these positive influences can be the difference between giving up and seeing the fruits of your labour.
  2. Something is better than nothing. Do you want to learn a new skill, language, musical instrument? Are you trying to improve your fitness or eat better? Sometimes these things can be overwhelming, especially when you are already busy enough as it is. For the past few years, I’ve been an advocate of including just 10 minutes or 30 minutes of the new activity into my daily or weekly routine. Or making one small change at a time. It may seem like nothing, but all those little periods of time and all those little changes add up, and you will be a lot farther ahead and closer to your goal than if you do nothing at all.
  3. Start anywhere. What are you waiting for?

I don’t know if any of that was helpful or not, but I just want to encourage you to keep going, keep striving, and be proud of all your efforts, even if you feel far away from your ultimate target. Everything could change tomorrow – and that would be great! – but also remember the power in the fact that you can influence tomorrow by influencing what happens today.

Love and well wishes,

EVS xo


Thursday 14th February, 7:45 PM – Viva La Mexicana, Bedminster

I will be the soundtrack to your Valentine’s evening at Viva La Mexicana, singing songs like the one below – in English and Spanish. Be sure not to miss it, or the tasty authentic Mexican food!

2019 Goals


What are some of your goals for this year?

One of mine is to simply try, and more importantly to be proud of my attempts. I’m generally quite hard on myself, but I can’t really criticize myself if I KNOW that I absolutely did my best.

Any tips? Anything new that you’ve decided to implement?

Note #2

I think a lot about things I want to achieve. Many of us do. But it wasn’t until my dad said it that I realized that I may be what you would call an ‘overachiever’ (in the sense of setting yourself really high goals… I’m basically the kid in school who always puts her hand up, but in real life now). If I find something that I love, I want to push myself to the absolute limit to learn as much as I can, and ultimately always give my best. Especially if I think I have potential. Yes, that’s right, I have more or less a Type C personality, so maybe steer clear? And by the way, it’s not just for the sake of achieving, and definitely (not for me at least) not for the purpose of being able to tell people about it – it’s a personal thing that gives me a lot of satisfaction during the process of whatever I’m working towards.

The problem with constantly working towards goals, is that often you don’t give yourself time to pause and reflect and ultimately appreciate all that you have accomplished, and what it brought to your character. This happens to me a lot.

Lately I’ve had a lot of spare time to meditate on things, and these are some of the things I’m thankful for.

I am thankful for health. I’ve had some issues over the last few years which made me cherish the simple acts of being able to sing, write songs and play instruments. I wasn’t able to be engaged in music and I really felt lost for a while, frustrated and sad. At least I know for sure that this is what I’m meant to be doing – music is good for me.

I’m thankful for my loved ones (and their health).

I’m thankful for everyone who has shown support to me. To every single one of you who has bought/listened to my music, come to a live show, played alongside me, provided me with opportunities, said such encouraging things, been patient with me, thank you. Especially for the kind words – you don’t know how touching they are.

I am thankful for the opportunity to do what I love and share it with you. I make music just as much for myself as I do for whoever’s interested in it, but when you finally hear what I’ve been working on, just know that I was thinking of you while I was making it, hoping you’d like it as much as I do. Someday I’ll explain the delay for so many things, but for now I’m trying not to dwell, and instead push forwards and focus on better things.

I’m thankful that things always work out in the end.

I am thankful for my obstacles, because they are making me stronger.

I am thankful for the internet, which means that I don’t have to try to telepathically communicate this message to you. Although that would be fun, wouldn’t it?

The truth is, I have so much to be grateful for, so I’m gonna try to practise gratitude a lot more often. While I was writing this, I forgot I had any problems.

All the best for 2019,



Pienso mucho en los objetivos que quiero lograr. Muchos de nosotros lo hacemos. Pero no fue hasta que mi papá lo dijo que me di cuenta de que soy una persona que trabaja mucho y se fija metas grandes (básicamente, soy la chica en el colegio que siempre levanta la mano… pero ahora en la vida real). Si encuentro algo que me apasiona, quiero esforzarme al máximo posible para aprender tanto como sea posible y al final dar lo mejor de mí misma. Especialmente si creo que tengo potencial. Por cierto, no soy así sólo por lograr, y definitivamente (al menos para mí) no para poder decirlo a los demás. Es algo personal que me aporta mucha satisfacción durante el proceso.

Pero trabajar constantemente para lograr tus objetivos muchas veces hace que no te tomes tiempo para reflexionar y valorar todo lo que has conseguido y lo que te ha dado al carácter, Esto me pasa frecuentemente.

Últimamente he tenido tiempo de sobra para meditar y aquí están unas cosas por las que estoy agradecida:

Estoy agradecida por la salud. En los últimos años he tenido algunos problemas que me hicieron apreciar sencillas cosas como cantar, componer y tocar instrumentos. No podía hacer nada de música y la verdad que me sentí perdida, frustrada y triste durante un tiempo. Al menos estoy segura de que esto es lo que debería hacer; la música es buena para mí.

Estoy agradecida por mis seres queridos (y su salud).

Estoy agradecida por todos los que me han apoyado. A cada uno que ha comprado o escuchado mi música, venido a un show, tocado conmigo, brindado oportunidades, todos los que me háis animado, tenido paciencia conmigo -gracias! Especialmente por las palabras alentadoras -me emocionan mucho.

Estoy agradecida de que pueda hacer lo que más me gusta y compartirlo con vosotros. Hago música por mí misma tanto como para a quién le interese, pero cuando escuchéis en lo que he estado trabajando, que sepáis que estaba pensando en vosotros, esperando que os gustaría tanto como a mí. Algún día explicaré las razones detrás del retraso de muchas cosas, pero por ahora prefiero no preocuparme y en lugar de eso seguir adelante y centrarme en cosas mejores.

Estoy agradecida de que al final todo salga bien.

Estoy agradecida por mis obstáculos, porque me están fortaleciendo.

Estoy agradecida por la Internet, porque no tengo que tratar de comunicaros este mensaje telepáticamente. Aunque eso sí que sería divertido, no?

La verdad es que tengo tantas cosas por las que estar agradecida, así que voy a intentar practicar la gratitud con más frecuencia. Mientras escribía esto, olvidé que tenía problemas.

Os deseo lo mejor para 2019,


Last Saturday performing “U & I” by Emily King, live at Viva La Mexicana. Me on guitar and vox, and Everton on bass.


El sábado pasado tocando “U & I” de Emily King, en vivo en Viva La Mexicana. Yo en guitarra y voz, y Everton en bajo.


Saturday 3rd November, 7:30 PM – Viva La Mexicana, Bedminster

Soft acoustic music sung in both Spanish and English, while you enjoy an authentic Mexican meal.


Saturday 13th October, 8 PM – Viva La Mexicana, Bedminster

Friends, please join me for an evening of live music at Bristol’s best Mexican restaurant. Starts promptly at 8, so be sure not to miss any of it.