2019 Goals: Revisited

Just a quick follow-up on the goal that I shared with you at the start of the year. I said that I wanted to focus more on simply trying and more importantly, being proud of my efforts.

I can tell you that as soon as I made this conscious decision, I felt a huge weight lifted as I stopped calculating the results that my efforts would bring, in favour of realizing how great it was that I was even attempting certain things in the first place. A few weeks in, I struggled a little bit to remember this new way of thinking, which I’m not surprised at, seeing as I know how much of a workaholic I am and how critical I am of myself. But I’m persevering with it, and it’s really brought me more peace and contentment.

So as I continue with this, there are some things that have stood out to me. Things we mostly know to be true, or have heard before, but maybe don’t appreciate the value of. And besides, it generally doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of things that give us motivation and encouragement.

  1. It’s so important to surround yourself with positive influences. Whether that be the company you physically keep, the music you listen to, the books you read – or someone you know of who inspires you. Whatever it is that gives you a sense of purpose or the belief that you are on the right track. Keep those things around you, think about them often, because everybody faces obstacles and struggles, and these positive influences can be the difference between giving up and seeing the fruits of your labour.
  2. Something is better than nothing. Do you want to learn a new skill, language, musical instrument? Are you trying to improve your fitness or eat better? Sometimes these things can be overwhelming, especially when you are already busy enough as it is. For the past few years, I’ve been an advocate of including just 10 minutes or 30 minutes of the new activity into my daily or weekly routine. Or making one small change at a time. It may seem like nothing, but all those little periods of time and all those little changes add up, and you will be a lot farther ahead and closer to your goal than if you do nothing at all.
  3. Start anywhere. What are you waiting for?

I don’t know if any of that was helpful or not, but I just want to encourage you to keep going, keep striving, and be proud of all your efforts, even if you feel far away from your ultimate target. Everything could change tomorrow – and that would be great! – but also remember the power in the fact that you can influence tomorrow by influencing what happens today.

Love and well wishes,

EVS xo